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We bring your ideations to life by giving you the power & ability to create outstanding MVP’s, mobile apps and websites for your venture

How it works
Creating a website

Made Easy

Follow three easy steps for us to complete your customized site. Together we gather information, design your page, and launch in under 3 days.

Step 1

Fill Out Questionaire

Step 2

Choose a Style

Step 3

Finalize Design

Creating an App

Made Easy

We’ll start with a questionnaire, then move to zoom to better understand what you need. Starting with features, we move to design, and then we build.

See our affordable


These prices are for students of partnering institutions only.




- Free hosting

- 3 day delivery

- Mobile optimized

Best for informational sites
Ex. This website




- iOS & Android

- 2 month delivery

- Free website

- Excellent UI/UX

Best for most apps
Ex. most apps



Up to $12K

For: Large scale complex applications and web apps

Ex. Corporate apps

Why UofWeb?

It takes hours and hours to create basic websites that don’t stand out from the crowd. On top of that, hosting fees make it expensive. Pay less and get a site people won’t forget in half the time.